Established in 1980. Isaacs & Associates, Inc. provides Technology and Products for efficient use and distribution of water. We have products ranging from cost effective mechanical components to automation products built on a spread spectrum, digital radio platform. These products are used in a wide variety of agricultural, municipal, wastewater and industrial applications.

Our Focus is on observation and research that culminates in products and systems that advance the state-of-the-art in agricultural irrigation and water distribution. For example, our custom, computer-generated sprinkler packages often help reduce runoff, increase infiltration rates, and yield reduced water and power costs.

As water has become more precious, Isaacs has expanded its focus to include automation for monitor and control. To overcome the distances typically involved in water systems, our automation products are built around spread spectrum, digital radio technology. These wireless systems allow fast, easy installation in applications such as remote pump control, liquid level control, and monitoring of soil moisture, flow, pressure, temperature or other system input.