Here are some of the best names in agricultural valves. Use our knowledge of these and other valves and their uses to maximize your system hydraulics for efficient distribution of water.

APCO – Air/vacuum relief & check
Asco – Solenoid valves
Bermad – Diaphragm actuated control valves
CLA-VAL – Diaphragm actuated control valves
Crane – Wafer check valve (Mission)
Dezurik – High performance butterfly valves
Fresno – Complete line of products
Grinnell – Butterfly valves, ball valves
Gulf – Check valves
M & H – Butterfly valves
Nelson – Sleeve type control valves
Pratt – Butterfly valves
Singer – Diaphragm actuated control valves
Waterman – Complete line of products

Control valves to meet your needs
Pressure Reducing
Pressure Sustaining
Rate of Flow
Globe or Angle Pattern