SmartSwitchRD810 Single-Output Receiver


The Isaacs RD810 Single Output Receiver continuously monitors the 900mhz radio frequency band for signals from its valid transmitter (the Isaacs transmitter that is specifically programmed to the corresponding receiver).

The valid transmitter signal causes the RD810 receiver to respond by switching its output relay per the programming established for the valid transmitter.

The receiver provides a relay output for system faults including low transmitter battery voltage and lost communication.



Outputs: One relay, SPDT (Form C) (Rated 25A @ 12Vdc)

Radio: 902 – 928 Mhz, frequency hopping, spread spectrum

Reception: 180 degrees

Power: 12 Volts DC

Mount: 1″ FNPT fitting

Dimensions: 4.8″ Diameter, 10.6″ Height

Weight: 2.8 lb

Compatible Transmitters: TD810, TD811

Available Kits:

KR800: includes an RD810 receiver, power supply (TS0340B), surge suppressor (TS0380), and interface relay (TS0639)


User Guide: