SmartSwitchTD811 Single-Input Enhanced Transmitter


The battery-powered TD811 Enhanced Power transmitter monitors a set of dry contacts and transmits the contact state (open or closed) in uniquely coded radio signals to its mated Isaacs receiver(s).

The mated receiver(s) detect the TD811 transmitter signal and uses it to control relay output(s).

In addition to the change-of-state signals, the transmitter sends periodic status signals to allow full supervision of the system.

The SmartSwitch™ TD811 Enhanced Single-Input Transmitter offers a 5-mile range while using Isaacs compact weatherproof enclosure.


Range: 5 miles

Input: One dry-contact

Radio: 902 – 928 Mhz, frequency hopping, spread spectrum

Signal: Omni-directional

Power: 3-volt lithium battery   (line powered available: TD815)

Mount: 1″ FNPT fitting

Dimensions: 4.8″ Diameter, 10.6″ Height

Weight: 2.2 lb

Compatible Receivers: RD810 (single output), RD811p (four output), RD812 (five output)

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